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Shoebox Letters' new cd "Better Times" is now available for purchase.  You can find it at:


Read Lee Zimmerman's review of "Better Times" on the No Depression website.  Here's his review:

Shoebox Letters
Better Times

Despite their unlikely name, Shoebox Letters shine on Better Times, an album of exquisite Americana and stunning performances that strike a responsive chord from the first listen on. Vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Dennis Winslow is clearly the guiding force here, but the help he receives from an array of additional singers-- Stephanie Pranzetti, David Allen Baker, Daria Chick and Bob Logue -- help vary the tone and set the songs apart.  “Sweet Talk,” “Drowning Inside” and Hannah” are the immediate standouts, each a combination of subtle hues and resonating refrains. Although the sentiments are occasionally subdued, the melodies elevate the proceedings and prevent them from being over encumbered by static or stereotypical emotions. What’s most surprising however is the fact that Better Times is but the latest in a string of albums the group has released since the start of the Millennium and yet, they still haven’t gained anywhere near the attention they so clearly deserve. So pull out these Shoebox Letters and give them a read. Better  Times is nothing less than an awesome album. (

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