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Shoebox Letters'"Honest Truth” opens with the quasi Bakersfield groove of “Crash” featuring Dennis Winslow and David Allen Baker trading off lead vocal duties. Steph Pranzetti shines vocally on the wistful title track “Honest Truth.” Daria Chick and Dennis share vocals on the rocking “Falling for Trouble” and David Allen Baker sings about darkness in “My Life of Sin” and light in the sunny groove of “Take A Deep Breath.” 

Shoebox Letters’ “Honest Truth” starts up where Shoebox’s last cd “Better Time” left off: Great songs featuring sweet harmonies and a warm, comfortable sound dominated by acoustic guitar, mandolin, accordion, and steel and baritone guitars. 

Shoebox Letters hail from the rain soaked streets of Portland, Oregon. Their music is an intoxicating blend of roots rock and alternative country. The band debuted in June 2009 and currently features Dennis Winslow on guitars and vocals; Dave Stricker on bass; Stephanie Pranzetti on vocals; Daria Chick on vocals; David Allen Baker on vocals and multi-instrumentalist and Producer Ronn Chick. 

Shoebox Letters' previous CD, "Better Times" reached a high of #4 on the the Roots 66 Airplay Chart and became the first Shoebox Letters cd to crack the top 50 of the Americana Music Association internet chart.

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Lee Zimmerman, a blogger on the No Depression website, gave the following review of "Honest Truth"

Shoebox Letters
Honest Truth
Shoebox Letters have established a tidy little enterprise over the course of their six albums, a quality-guaranteed trajectory that encapsulates country rock, Americana and bluegrass in the form of a collective with a steady sway and unblinking devotion to craft. This latest effort continues in that same spirit, but also ups the ante in terms of song craft and delivery. There are numerous talents at work here, with no less than four vocalists contributing to the mix and a veritable arsenal of back porch instrumentation. The songs are striking -- “Another Heartache,” “Honest Truth” and “Desperate Days” among the many -- and chief songwriter and cheerleader Dennis Winslow deserves to be commended for his determination to steer Shoebox Letters towards greater glories. It’s not easy being an indie band these days (Has it ever been though?) but Shoebox Letters clearly possesses the verve and vitality needed for the big breakthrough that will hopefully come their way. Music this memorable deserves to be heard. (